If your new decorative landscaping has been installed, please use the following guidelines for proper care and maintenance to insure longevity.

  • To prevent cracking in your newly installed concrete, water the ground around the edging for several days.  Overly dry ground conditions can absorb moisture from the concrete, which may cause some cracking.

  • Please keep all pets and people away from curbing for at least 24 hours after installation.  If curbing is damaged we will come back for a trip charge and make the necessary repair.

  • All landscaping, sod laying and irrigation may be installed 48 hours upon completion.  Please exercise caution while working near it.

  • Leave irrigation off for the first 24 hours after your new curbing has been installed.  Irrigation and pooling (gathering of water) can damage the curbing.  Extend your down spouts as necessary.

  • Most stains and sealers should be applied shortly after the 28-day curing process.  There are stains and sealers available at paint supply retailers that may be applied immediately.  If you are staining or sealing old edging (6 weeks or older), be sure to first apply a strong solution of muratic acid to etch the surface of the concrete.

  • While curbing is curing, some areas appear different than others.  This is the normal curing process and will go away as curing continues.  Mold may be washed with bleach/water solution.

Damage to sprinkler lines/heads, telephone/cable wires or other buried items by our equipment or personnel is not the responsibility of AAA Curbing and Landscaping unless these items are marked or noted by customer.  However, we will repair and charge accordingly.

AAA Curbing and Landscaping will warranty your new curbing for 6 months upon completion for all defects in materials and workmanship.  It will be replaced at no charge if the defect is caused by poor material or improper workmanship.

We hope you will choose AAA Curbing and Landscaping for taking care of all of your landscaping needs.  With proper care, your new landscaping will last for years.

We appreciate all referrals, and do have an incentive program, please inquire.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to call us at (239) 590-9966.


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